Recent Before & After Photos

Roof Tarps

High Winds, Heavy Rains, Roof Damage, Property Damage. During storms we are able to assist a homeowner if they have experienced high Winds, missing shingles, or... READ MORE

Heavy Winds - Tree Removal

During high winds a lot of properties will experience Tree and landscape damage to their structures. SERVPRO of Columbus is equipped and ready for the call. For... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Some of our local business have heavy stain and high traffic areas that require some attention. SERVPRO of Columbus, is always happy to help with removing these... READ MORE

Post Construction Cleaning

SERVPRO of Columbus performs all types of services for the restoration industry. In the above photos you will see a before photo of SERVPRO testing to see if th... READ MORE

From Demo to Repairs

SERVPRO of Columbus is a one-stop-shop. Not only were we able to remove the wet materials from this laundry room but we also had the honor of completing the rep... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning high traffic areas with heavy stains on carpet is one of our number one services here at SERVPRO of Columbus. Reason for Carpet Cleaning:High Traffic A... READ MORE

Bathroom Renovation

At SERVPRO of Columbus, we also specialize in Construction Remodeling Services. Before photo - shows the bathroom with '70 fixtures and countertops. After photo... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning In Harris County, Georgia

This Harris County, Ga resident was ready to replace her carpet after years of abuse by her teenage son. She was so happy at the result of our carpet cleaning a... READ MORE

Boat Carpet Cleaning in Columbus, GA

This is carpet from a boat that a local customer brought to our warehouse and asked us to clean. From the before picture you can see that there is an extensive ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Columbus, GA

This family’s Columbus home suffered from a fire caused by grease on the stove. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but ... READ MORE