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SPRING is Here!

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

It's official SPRING 2019 is here! Although, in some States, the temperatures are still low. SERVPRO of Columbus wants to recommend everyone that we are here for your general cleaning needs (carpet cleanings and duct cleanings). 

Below are some helpful Spring Cleaning Tips:

1. Make a Schedule - print a calendar and pick days to complete a certain task. Not everything needs to be done in one day. 

2. De-Clutter (home offices, junk drawers, closets)

3. Always work from the Top to Bottom

4. Use a HEPA Vacuum 

5. Use Non-Toxin chemicals (SERVPRO always thinks GREEN)

6. Windows and Walls (don't forget behind the doors)

7. Deep clean kitchens and bathrooms (throw-out expired items)

8. Change out those Air Filters in your home (Call SERVPRO today for a duct cleaning and mention your filter size so we can change it out as well)

9. USE PPE - Personal Protective Equipment for anyone with allergies its important to wear a mask and gloves during the cleaning process. 

10. Make-Over it's also a good time to freshen up the home with new candles or pillows or maybe a fresh coat of paint. 

SERVPRO of Columbus is so happy to finally see SPRING arrive. We look forward to hearing for our community when it comes time to schedule your next Duct Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning. 

Personal Property - Move Outs

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Columbus works alongside many different insurance companies and their insureds when it comes to Personal Property. 

When a loss occurs and personal belongings are involved SERVPRO offers other services by performing a Pack-Out, Storage, and Pack-Back. 

Our process is very detailed depending on the type of loss. All items that are scheduled to be removed from your property will be inventoried and a list is created so it can be provided to your insurance company. All items are stored in a climate controlled warehouse. Then returned to your property once your home is back to its normal state. 

Give SERVPRO of Columbus a call if you're looking for the right company to handle your personal property "contents" during your next claim. 

Grease Fires

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Happy Thanksgiving! We here at SERVPRO of Columbus want to remind our customers that this holiday season is not only about celebrating with family around the dinner table but it's also about watching out for Grease Fires or property damages that can occur while preparing for your holiday meal. 

  • Rember if you are frying a turkey to keep the fryer away from the home and not under your carport.
  • Make sure to have a plan ready in case of an emergency does occur. 
  • Place the fryer on a level surface, and avoid moving it once it's in use.
  • Leave 2 feet between the tank and the burner when using a propane-powered fryer.
  • Skip the stuffing when frying turkey, and avoid water-based marinades.
  • Keep children and pets away from the fryer at all times.
  • Once finished, carefully remove the pot from the burner, place it on a level surface and cover to let the oil cool overnight before disposing of.

Happy Turkey Day from our SERVPRO family to yours. 

October Awareness Month

10/12/2018 (Permalink)

Happy October! 

SERVPRO of Columbus wanted to bring some awareness to our viewers and let you know that the month of October has Days, Weeks, and Months of awareness that you can take part in. 


•    National Physical Therapy Month
•    American Pharmacists Month
•    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
•    National Dental Hygiene Month
•    National Chiropractic Month
•    Residents' Rights Month

Weeks to note:

•    Oct. 1 to Oct. 7: National Mental Illness Awareness Week
•    Oct. 2 to Oct. 6: National Primary Care Week 
•    Oct. 8 to Oct. 15: Case Management Week
•    Oct. 12 to Oct. 20: Bone and Joint Health Action Week 
•    Oct. 15 to Oct. 21 National Healthcare Quality Week
•    Oct. 16 to Oct. 20: National Health Education Week
•    Oct. 22 to Oct. 28: National Respiratory Care Week

Days to note:

•    Oct. 5: National Depression Screening Day
•    Oct. 10: World Mental Health Day
•    Oct 8: World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
•    Oct. 13: Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day 
•    Oct. 15: Global Handwashing Day (member to singing your ABC's) 

On a side note, we wanted to also mention that Hurricane season is still upon us and we are working alongside our fellow franchisees to assist in all disaster that comes through our areas. 

Hurricane Michael

10/12/2018 (Permalink)

Although our hometown of South Muscogee & Columbus, GA was not heavily impacted by Hurricane Michael. We are sending our crews out to surrounding areas to assist in the relief and remediation of the wake that Hurricane Michael left on October 10th, and October 11th, 2018. 


- Notify your family members and friends to inform them that you are safe

- Call your insurance company to start the initial process

- Keep a record of all communications between the insurance company, local contractors, and vendors that you plan on using 

- Do not enter a property that appears to be unsafe

- Do not travel near water areas where powerline are down

- Keep your emergency kits nearby 

*For additional tips please look back at our Hurricane Preparedness Blog from Sept 2018*

SERVPRO of Columbus wants to remind everyone to stay safe and to reach out to your Local SERVPRO for any assistance in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. 

Wheels o’ Fire w/ Harris County Volunteer Fire Department

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Who says firefighters only put out the fire! Come an join them for their annual motorcycle ride.

SERVPRO of Columbus will have a tent set up for the Wheel’s O’ Fire event this Saturday, September 29th, 2018 to show our support for the Harris County Volunteer Fire Department. We are a community that loves to work alongside the Harris County Chamber and their Volunteers.  This will be our Second year that we’ve been invited to join the fun. If you’re in the area and looking for something great to be a part of. Then stop by and say Hello to Robyn our SMR. 

Interested in riding your Motorcycle? See below on how to sign up.

This exciting event is celebrating its 17th annual ride along. Local riders are encouraged to register online at there is a fee, however, proceeds will go to the Harris County Volunteer Fire Department.

Starting point: Piney Grove Baptist Church 20 GA HWY 315 Fortson, GA 

Registration starts at 9 AM

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Hurricane Preparedness - S. Muscogee

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

“History teaches that a lack of hurricane preparedness and awareness are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.”

The above quotes are from the website of the National Hurricane Center.

Be Prepared! Plan Ahead.

  • Know your evacuation and shelter routes
  • Keep your emergency supplies stocked
  • Remain alert and updated on local weather changes
  • Make plans for pets
  • Check with insurance to see if you have Flood Insurance
  • Board-up windows/doors if you do leave

Recommended Emergency Supply List

  • A three-day supply of bottled water per person
  • Non-perishable food (canned, dried, etc.)
  • First Aid Kit and any prescription medicines
  • Battery-powered radio, extra batteries
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • Flares, booster cables, tire repair kit, fire extinguisher
  • Special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members, pets
  • List of emergency phone numbers

Returning Home

  • Come back when the city allows
  • Enter your home with caution
  • Beware of snakes, insects, and animals driven to higher ground by flood waters
  • Check electrical breakers
  • Take photos of any damages to the property
  • Assist your neighbors if possible

SERVPRO of Columbus/S. Muscogee is here to assist you with all remediation or nation disaster needs.

When A Tree Falls

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When A Tree Falls Tree Being Removed From Roof

Here in the Muscogee County area, we have had an unusual amount of heavy rain and storms so far this year. With those come strong winds that can weaken the trees surrounding your home until one day you hear a sound that every homeowner dreads. A tree has given in to the stress and CRASH, there is a tree in your living room and the rain is pouring in. Now what?

 First: Make sure your family and pets are safe.

Second: If you can safely do so, turn off the      power. Water + Electricity = Bad

Third: Call SERVPRO of Columbus @ 706.568.1934

 We are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to your storm damaged home or business. SERVPRO of Columbus can handle the entire job from top to bottom, and coordinate directly with your insurance company to make the process as stress free as possible. We handle insurance claims for storm damaged homes and businesses all the time, and are familiar with all of the local insurance agents and adjusters.

 Our quick respondors will mitigate your home to help prevent any further damage from the storm and after one of our professional tree removal contractors removes your new addition, we can clean, dry, and repair your home or business. It is always easier dealing with one company that can do everything, than several companies doing different parts of a job.

 Don’t let a tree on your roof or storm damage stress you out. Whether you live in Fortson, Midland, Upatoi, Columbus, Ft. Benning, or any of the surrounding areas, you can call SERVPRO of Columbus 24/7 at 706.568.1934 to any size disaster!

Small Fire, Big Deal

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

A Small Fire Can Be A Big Deal

A fire inside your home or business is never good, but what if it is a just a small kitchen fire that was extinguished quickly, or a shorted out electrical outlet that only burned for a few minutes? The damage caused by a small fire can still be a huge problem. Smoke and soot travel quickly, especially through air vents, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what other areas of your home or business have been affected.

      There are actually different types of smoke and soot that must be cleaned using solutions that are specifically designed to target the type of damage you have, and the kind of surface it has settled on. SERVPRO of Columbus has specially trained and certified technicians that know where to look, and perform tests to determine what type of smoke or soot your home and belongings have been affected by. They know exactly what solutions are used on particular surfaces and materials to restore them while preventing further damage that can be caused by using chemicals or cleaners not designed for your specific type of damage.

 So, before you wipe down that antique table that your grandmother gave you with “furniture cleaner”, or spray your curtains with that blue bottle from under the sink, call SERVPRO of Columbus at 706.568.1934 any time, day or night

How Dry Is Dry

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Dry Is Dry A Typical Moisture Meter Used By SERVPRO Technicians

How Dry Is Dry?

 When you experience water damage to your Columbus, Ga home or business, how do you know when it is really dry?

At SERVPRO of Columbus, we have certified technicians that use professional techniques and equipment like moisture meters to ensure the proper amount of drying has taken place. 

Did you know that some materials can be over-dried? Things like wood floors and some building materials require a certain amount of moisture to maintain their strength and shape. The proper amount can also be dependent on several factors like elevation and region.

Our technicians know exactly how much moisture is appropriate for all of the materials in your home, and will be sure to restore them correctly.

If you have water damage in Muscogee County, call SERVPRO of Columbus 24 hours a day @ 706.568.1934. We look forward to hearing from you!